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Since ou want somebody to post i guess i will.
That ok?
I havent got much to say though.
What sould i say?
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You say, "HiILoveBlizzardAndMyFavoriteGameIsSuchandSoAndIAmSoGladToBeHereWhee!" :D
That's about it..I'm sure i'll be in love with it once it comes out..until then..I've had enough Diablo 2, it has worn thin..I'm mostly playing my PSX.
Had enough of D2 already?! I won't stop playing that game until I've found every unique item the expansion has to offer! :P
sorry, stopped back in february! got old.
Mmm,, Warcraft 3. And it'll run native in OSX!
Besides, how can you get tired of Diablo 2 when the expansion almost triples the replay value!
I got real tired of Diablo 2 (haven't tried the expansion) when I got to Act 4. I would go in, get maybe a third through it, and then I made it to that lava bridge area and I would be attacked by 50 monsters and my computer would have a damn hissyfit and crash on me, and then continued to crash each time I tried to reload. And I have a decent machine. really sucks 'cuz I loved that game.
I say.. GET THE EXPANSION! Like I said, it triples the replay valus since there are two new characters, ten times more Uniques, more set items, and a whole new six-quest act! and the ending is not to be forgotten!